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City Tour Havana

A wonderful oportunity to discover the beauty of Havana.

Welcome to Gohabana

Hello everybody, welcome to!  The website that will provide you with the information you need if you plan to visit Cuba. Our only purpose is to facilitate your stay here in this beautiful island, where we guarantee, you´ll come as a tourist but you will leave as a friend!

If you stay in Varadero and plan to visit Havana -which is one of the things we highly recommend- you can do it in an old American car, yes, that car you saw when you were a kid or you had and now you just see in Car Shows. But don´t be afraid that these cars, in despite of being made in the 50´s, work as good as a 2014 Mercedes!

The trip to Havana regularly begins at 8:30 in the morning, the driver and a specialized tour guide will pick you up in your hotel.

Once you are in Havana, you are going to visit different historical and interesting places, for instance the Square of the Revolution, where Fidel Castro used to give his speeches. It is an empty square surrounded by very important government buildings, a Memorial to our National Hero, José Martí.

Also in Havana we recommend you to visit the Capitol, a replica of the one in Washington, built before the triumph of the Revolution, in the year 1929, it has a neoclassical façade and a cupola that is almost 92 meters high .


Another interesting place you would like to visit is the Cigar Factory, where they make the best cigars of the world: Cohiba.

Of course your visit to Havana cannot finish before you visit the Old City of Havana. It was built during the 15th, 16th and 17th Centuries by Spaniards.It is made of four squares. The oldest is ¨Arms Square¨ it has this name because it was used for military parades. To the north of this square you can find the Castle of Royal Force, a fort built in the 16th Century by Spaniards to protect the gold and the silver of the crown. To the west you can see the Small Temple, built to remind the citizens of the foundation of the village. To the east, you can see the Palace of the Governor, which had three different functions, house of the 65 different governors Cuba had during the Spanish rule here, the prison and the town Council Board. To the south you will see the Natural History Museum.

The second oldest square in town is ¨San Francisco de Asis Square¨ or ¨The Pigeon’s Square¨ because there are always a lot of pigeons. In that place, there´s the San Francisco de Asis convent, this square was used as the market square but later they moved the market to another square because it was bothering friars during mass. This convent is still used to give concerts of choral music.

On your way to the third square you are going to see Hotel Ambos Mundos, where the famous American writer, Ernest Hemingway was a regular costumer, his room was turned into a museum, it is said that there he wrote his famous novel ¨the Old Man and The Sea¨. The third square is the ¨Cathedral Square¨ the first Baroque-style building of the city, surrounded by buildings that were the house of the richest men in town.

The last and the youngest of the four squares is known, paradoxically as ¨The Old Square¨, this square was built with the only purpose of moving here the market that was bothering the friars of the convent. There you are going to find ¨The House of Beer¨ a bar where they brew their own beer, trust after 2 hours walking under the Cuban sun; you are going to need it. But don´t worry the driver will just have an orange juice!!!

Walking around the old city, you will feel that it´s more than old walls, they are history, tradition and pure cuban culture. 

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    Manjinder & Jasbir 24.12.2014 18:26
    We went on Habana tour with gohabana on 19th Dec 2014 from Varadore. We booked the tour online before ...
  • Clients Opinions

    Anna Kurnihcova 14.02.2014 22:54
    Thanks for the opportunity to travel with you .. the city tour is amazing.